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"Steve Hopper brings a fresh and powerful new presence to the professional speaking industry!"

 As one of the most inspiring speakers in the market today… Steve has delivered hundreds of presentations at corporate events, leadership and business conferences, personal development seminars, high schools and universities, churches… and even correctional facilities!
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As a Dynamic Speaker and Motivator, Steve’s message resonates with everyone he touches and remains long after his talks. If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire your organization to a higher level of performance - look no further!
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Take Your Personal Library and Your Personal Development To The Next Level! 
Follow The Story That Has Inspired Thousands...
Follow Steve on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery: from the pivotal teenage moment when one swing in a fight sends him to prison for 10 years, to his new found emotional, and spiritual freedom. 

This is a story of light and dark, success and failure, and a man realizing his own destiny.

In the end, Hopper takes everything life has taught him and lays out God's blueprint for you to answer that burning question:
What is my life's purpose?
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